Bikisha Media Collective: South African anarchist project

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“Anarchism is not mysticism; it is not a discourse on beauty; it is not a cry of despair… It carries within itself the truth, the heroism and the aspirations of the  masses, and it is today the only social doctrine which the masses can count on in their struggle… Anarchism must go to the masses and merge with them.”

Piotr Arshinov, 1923,
History of the Makhnovist Movement, 1918-1921

Who we are:

Welcome to the homepage of the Bikisha Media Collective, a South African anarchist media project. Founded on the revolutionary principles of class-struggle anarchism in October 1999, the Bikisha Media Collective has the following aims:

  • Distributing anarchist literature, videos, and music
  • Developing and publishing new anarchist works dealing with southern Africa

We are NOT a political party or an anarchist political organisation, nor do we pretend to be. We are just a project working towards the above goals. That is our only role for now. Later? We’ll see.

The Bikisha Media Collective works in close co-operation with Zabalaza Books, an anarchist publishing and distribution project based in Durban, South Africa. Continue reading “Bikisha Media Collective: South African anarchist project”