Archive: “Libertarians, the Left and the Middle East” webpage

Many of the webpages of the 1990s and early 2000s have since disappeared. This is particularly the case with sites using free hosting, like and In some cases the service was closed, and in other cases, sites were deleted or lapsed.

A notable loss was “Libertarians, the Left and the Middle East”,, accessed 15 November 1999. It was written by “Stiobhard” and had some interesting material on anarchism, past and present. Below is material we have been able to salvage, from copies saved to local computers.  There does not seem to be an archived copy or snapshot at the main archive sites. The portions below do not include the pages on the Middle East — only Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia — and also do not Continue reading “Archive: “Libertarians, the Left and the Middle East” webpage”