WSF (1997): “Editorial [Phantsi nge “Free” Market! (Away with the “Free Market”)]”

WSF (1997): “Editorial [Phantsi nge “Free” Market! (Away with the “Free Market”)]”

From Workers Solidarity, magazine of the Workers Solidarity Federation, volume 3, number 1, first quarter 1997. Complete PDF is here


The bosses and rulers are on the march against the world’s workers and poor: the “free market”, cuts in social spending, attacks on working conditions, wage freezes, retrenchments and privatisation are the tools of this assault. In this issue of Workers Solidarity we look at what lies behind this attack, and at the concrete forms it takes (the government’s “GEAR” policies, cutbacks in higher education and health). We also examine that close partner of capitalism- imperialism. We must understand our enemy to defeat it.

Across the world, working and poor people have always, and continue to, fight imperialism and capitalism. South African workers are fighting back against the bosses. We are not alone: across the world, from Korea to Zimbabwe to Germany massive working class struggles are taking place. It is in these struggles – not in elections or co-operation with bosses- that the potential to halt and defeat the attacks of the ruling class lies. We must meet the global attack of the bosses and rulers with our most powerful weapon” global resistance and working class solidarity. Workers of the world- unite!

Please note: Workers Solidarity has doubled its production run. It will now be issued four times a year.

[SAASHA note: the production run remained erratic; it does not seem to the four issues a year target was met]