WSF (1996): “Partial Victory For Mumia Abu- Jamal”

WSF (1996): “Partial Victory For Mumia Abu- Jamal”

From Workers Solidarity, magazine of the Workers Solidarity Federation, volume 2, number 1, first quarter 1996. Complete PDF is here

Last year a massive international campaign managed to halt the execution of Black political prisoner, Mumia Abu- Jamal. Mumia Abu- Jamal was an activist in the struggle of the poor, Black and dispossessed of Philadelphia in the USA. For this, he was framed by that city’s bosses and politicians.

In December 1981, Jamal and his brother Billy were attacked by police. Shot in the chest and savagely beaten, he was then charged with killing a cop. His trial was a classic case of racist “justice”. Evidence clearing him was suppressed, his political history was used as evidence for his “guilt”, a biased and almost all- White jury was appointed. A hostile judge and a corrupt prosecutor rounded off the frame up.

In 1995, the new Governor of Pennsylvania signed Jamal’s death warrant for 17 August by lethal injection. This gave a massive boost to the campaign for Mumia’s release. World-wide, trade unions, left- wing groups and other organisations rallied to Mumia’s defence. Workers’ Solidarity Federation was active in this struggle, as we fight racism, injustice and the death penalty. On August 7 1995, the courts decided to grant a stay of execution. It is important to keep up the struggle, to push for the retrial and release of Jamal.. Keep up the Fight!