Bikisha Media Collective (BMC) at the anti-EU summit, Gothenberg, Sweden, June 2001


With the support of European anarcho-syndicalists and revolutionary syndicalists, a number of activists from Bangladesh, Chile, Mexico, Nepal, Russia and South Africa attended the anti-European Union summit in Gothenberg, Sweden, in mid-June 2001.

The Bangladesh and Nepal delegates were from independent — but not anarcho-syndicalist or revolutionary syndicalist — unions with links to the anarchists and syndicalists. Those from Chile, Mexico, Nepal, Russia and South Africa were from anarchist and/ or syndicalist groups, the South Africans from the Bikisha Media Collective, a successor of the Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF).

Below is part of the programme for the red-and-black, anarchist/ syndicalist movement, in the larger anti-EU events, under the banner “For Another Europe, For Another World.” It gives some indication of the various sessions and activities where the Bikisha activists were participants. For more context on the protests, riots and repression, see here.

For the partial scan of the syndicalist programme of activities, click here