Hattingh, “Zapatistas and Rebirth of Hope,” (2009) [South African Labour Bulletin]

Shawn Hattingh, 2009, “Zapatistas and Rebirth of Hope,” South African Labour Bulletin, volume 33, number 1, April/May 2009, pp. 60-62.

Many people in South Africa have not heard of the Zapatistas. But as Shawn Hattingh writes this Mexican organisation has inspired progressive people and organisations across the world and introduced hope in a time of darkness. The Zapatistas aimed to create an organisation that rejected all forms of hierarchy. To do so, they organised horizontally to ensure that power was retained at the base of the movement. The Zapatistas uprising in 1994, and the ideas and ideals that accompanied it, inspired millions of people to dream again and become involved in ti1e struggle against all
forms of oppression.

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