Hattingh, “South Africa’s role in Africa: An anarchist perspective” (2012) [South African Labour Bulletin]

Shawn Hattingh, 2012, “South Africa’s role in Africa: An anarchist perspective,” South African Labour Bulletin, volume 36, number 2, June/July 2012, pp. 51-53.

A debate has taken place over the last decade around what role post-apartheid South Africa has been playing in the rest of Africa, including whose interests it has been serving. Using an anarchist analysis this article revisits this debate by looking at two arguments: the ‘subimperialist’ and ‘just a victim.’South Africa’s role in Africa can be described as capitalist, imperialist, expansionist and opportunistic. This makes it impossible to build cross-class alliances against global imperialism, writes Shawn Hattingh.

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