ZACF: 2008 launch of Soweto Study Group on Berkman’s “ABC of Communist Anarchism”

Soweto: 1st Meeting of Study Group on Berkman’s “ABC of Communist Anarchism”

Wednesday July 30, 2008 23:37 by Jonathan – ZACF

Members of the ZACF will be facilitating the first meeting of a group of social movement and trade union militants pulled together by the ZACF to study the book ABC of Communist Anarchism by Alexander Berkman.

People targeted for participation in the study group have been provided with Berkman’s Foreword and Introduction which they are expected to read before deciding whether or not to commit to participating in the group. Those who do so will be given a soft-cover copy of the book for their personal use.

At the first meeting the participants will discuss the Foreword and Introduction, decide how often the group wishes to meet and work out a schedule, according to which they will work through the book.

On conclusion of ABC of Communist Anarchism the participants will evaluate the success of the study group and decide whether or not they wish to pursue its activities by studying another text.