Videos 2: context for the new movement – 1990s Wits University protests

Following on from an earlier post, this presents some videos below extracted from old VHS recordings of SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation)  TV news reports. The videos below focus on struggles at the University of the Witwatersrand (“Wits”),  where the new South African anarchist/ syndicalist movement emerged as a strand in loose but very militant student political milieu — a milieu with close links to the (black) trade unions on campus. A full discussion of all the events shown below will take another post; for now, again, the point is to evoke the context that shaped the movement.

Video 1: 1994 — Wits management ‘hostage taking’ by workers & students (SABC news)


Video 2: 1995 — Wits students defy ANC leaders, trash campus (‘Operation Litter’) (SABC 1, English)


Video 3: 1995 — Wits trashing after Carolus, Sisulu visit (also OFS Technikon clashes) (SABC, Afrikaans)