UPDATED: Czechia and the WSF + request for some “A-Kontra” materials …

The Czech Republic (previously part of Czechoslovakia) had a surprising connection to the 1990s Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF) in South Africa. A group attracted by Platformism called the Solidarita/ Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists (interviewed here, at a later point) asked, via the Irish group Workers Solidarity Movement, for copies of the WSF Position Papers.

A WSF delegate to the International of Anarchist Federations (IFA) 1997 congress in Lyon, France, also met Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation militants (this federation being part of the IFA).

It also later turned out that A-Kontra, which was published at the time  by the Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation (and which is still in print today, having started ca. 1991), also carried translations of at least one WSF document (which had been reissued as a Bikisha Media Collective pamphlet:

  • “Boj za svobodu žen” [“Fighting for Women’s Freedom”] (February 2002 / A-Kontra 2002/2)

There may have been other materials translated; we do not know.

The current A-Kontra site (here or here) does not seem to have an online archive, and the PDF archive linked from the main (here) seems dead or broken so we can’t post these here.

Anyone has access to A-Kontra 2002/2 , or any other South African translations from that paper, please send them through to us!