Workers’ Solidarity, Volume 5, Number 1, May 1999

Workers' Solidarity, Volume 5, Number 1, May 1999
Volume 5, Number 1, May 1999

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Workers’ Solidarity was the Magazine of the Workers Solidarity Federation, published from 1995 to 1999.  In total, 8 issues were published.

Contents of Volume 5, Number 1

  • Voting is your right but have no illusions in parliament
    It is better to live under a democratic government than under the apartheid government. But we must have no illusions in the parliamentary system
  • ANC’s 1999 budget makes the bosses smile
    A number of progressive organisations have claimed that the 1999 budget was a “people’s budget”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Delivered in Cape Town on the 17 February, the ANC’s budget made the bosses jump for joy.
  • One Big Union! South Africa’s New Giants of Labour
    Unless the entire membership has direct control over the mega-union, instead of it being controlled by its own elite class of paid bureaucrats, it will never be an effective fighting force for the members and the working class as a whole
  • Mega unions: What does it mean for socialism?
    Buthelezi warned that if CEPPWAWU ever decided to strike, it would “stop the whole country”. “We know that employers are panicking,” he smiled, recalling that CWIU had forced chemicals company to pay millions of Rands into social funds to protect workers who were retrenched
  • Strikewave!: SA Labour Flexes its Muscles
    1998 was a record-breaking year for strike activity in South Africa, and this year looks set to be even more active on the militant labour front.More than 3-million persondays – the highest figure since the 1994 elections – were lost to capitalist exploitation last year
  • Fight Privatisation!
    In South Africa, the South African Municipal Workers Public sector unions are the key to fighting ANC’s privatisation plans. This requires trade union independence.
  • Victory! BTR-Sarmcol
    On May Day 1985, workers at the BTR-Sarmcol rubber embarked on a wildcat strike. The following day, the bosses fired all 970 strikers. Since 1985, 39 people have been killed in fighting related to the dismissals.
  • Your Boss Is A Killer!!
    3 people a day die in work-related accidents
  • Reclaim Our Unions!: No! to the “checkoff”
    The checkoff system is the system where the bosses act as bankers for the union by taking union fees out of our wages and handing them over to the union.
  • Zimbabwe unions to launch workers party
    It was announced in March 1999 that the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions is planning to launch a workers party to contest the 2000 elections. Clearly, this party is designed to intervene primarily in elections.
  • International Struggles
    • Russian workers seize and run factory
    • Korean workers stop retrenchments through mass strike
  • Libertarian Socialism and Workers Control
    We fight for the day when the millions of strong workers march with fists upraised towards the revolution, united in our unions, and ready to meet force with force

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