“Anarchism and Ecology” (Purchase) – ca. 1996 – Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF)

“Anarchism and Ecology” (Purchase) – ca. 1996 – Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF)

Work by Graham Purchase, who was linked to the Australian anarcho-syndicalists, had been published in South Africa in the  early 1990s by the unfortunately named Backstreet Abortions distro, linked to the Anarchist Revolutionary Movement (ARM). Purchase argued that major anarchist thinkers like Kropotkin were pioneers of environmentalist politics; he opposed various liberal and Romantic trends in environmentalism (green consumerism, primitivism etc.), and insisted that an anarchist society, brought about in part through syndicalist unions, was essential to environmental survival.

Published in Johannesburg around 1996, with a new cover but without an introduction, this edition of “Anarchism and Ecology” pamphlet was issued by the Workers Solidarity Federation  (WSF).

Anarchism & Ecology (WSF)

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