“Cuba: who were the real fighters for freedom?” by F. Fernandez – Workers Soldiarity Federation ca. 1996

Issued by the Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF) in Johannesburg around 1996, “Cuba: who were the real fighters for freedom?” provided a history of Cuban anarchism. It was, in fact, a direct copy of the 1995 ASP (London) edition of Frank Fernandez’s Cuba, the Anarchists and Liberty (which originally appeared in Spanish in 1987),  enclosed in a WSF cover.

The new title was an obvious attempt to attract the attention of South African activists interested in Cuba, a country which then (as now) holds enormous attraction for many.  The story of Cuban anarchism provides a compelling example of libertarian labour, anti-colonial and anti-dictatorship activism; the repression of Cuban anarchism by the Castro regime provides a powerful criticism of that state.

As evident from the below scan, production values of were quite low, as most copies were made in short runs on available photocopiers.

CUBA - Who Were the Real Fighters for FreedomGet the PDF here