Editorial from “Unrest” No. 1 – ARM, Unrest, 1994

[Editorial from Unrest no. 1,
Anarchist Revolutionary Movement,
February 1994]


Welcome to the first issue of Unrest. Unrest is a new and South African Anarchist magazine, which we hope to bring out quarterly.

A central aim of this magazine is to spread the ideas of revolutionary Anarchism, injecting a highly needed revolutionary perspective into the current period in South Africa.

We reject the vote and other ruses of the bosses. Grassroots action, not negotiating and electioneering, is the way forward for the oppressed. Total revolution, not a new set of bosses, is what is needed if the masses are to win real control over their lives and end poverty.

We welcome any and all comments. Articles also welcome. Please be legible and to the point.