Mayday ’98 – Against Bosses – Against Racists: Only the Workers can free the Workers – WSF Leaflet, 1998

Mayday 1998
WSF leaflet produced for May Day 1998

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May Day is Ours

110 years ago workers started May Day- the international workers day.

Today, across the world billions of workers, of every race and nation, are celebrating May Day. We are one class of people, with a common struggle for freedom and equality.

May Day is ours. We have fought and bled and died for a day when we as workers can come together in our millions and say NO! to the bosses, NO! to the fat cats who bleed us dry, NO! to the low wages and the misery of our existence.

The Boss – the Enemy

We workers build everything. Every building, every road, every farm, every factory, every factory.

We make the wealth, yet everywhere we have nothing. Workers build cars, but never own one. The workers clean university offices, but our children go to broken down schools, overcrowded, understaffed, short of books and tables.

Instead, the wealth the workers make goes to fill the pockets of the rich FAT CATS – the bosses and rulers.

Workers of Africa

There is enough money- there is enough money to end poverty, to provide jobs for all, to upgrade the schools, the roads, the hostels, to provide homes for all.

There is enough money to end the nightmare legacy of apartheid-capitalism. The money is in the hands of the bosses. We must take it back through conscious mass struggle for socialism and freedom.

Reject Gear

Only the workers can free the workers. In this fight we cannot rely on the government and politicians. They have replaced RDP with the so-called GEAR.

GEAR calls for privatisation, more tax on workers, cuts in spending on hospitals and schools, wage restraint, casualisation, subcontracting- in short, GEAR is a bosses programme.

Socialism the only road

The main weapon of the workers are the trade unions. The unions must be under workers control, the unions must be independent of the bosses, the unions must fight in the spirit of no compromise.

Revolutionary Trade Unionism

Socialism can only come about through revolutionary trade unionism- implement workers control over the land and factories through mass trade union action. We should take over and run the mines, factories and farms through our unions.


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