Tell “fat cat” Clinton to Get out!! – WSF protest leaflet, 1998

Tell “fat cat” Clinton to Get out!! - WSF 1998
Tell “fat cat” Clinton to Get out!! – Flyer produced by the WSF for demonstration against the visit by US president Bill Clinton to SA, 1998

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Clinton – the Imperialist!

Clinton – the Rich Man’s Friend!

They Say:

The politicians and the bosses’ newspapers are praising US president Bill Clinton’s visit to South Africa.

They say that Clinton will bring “aid” and “trade”.

They say that closer links with the US government and capitalists will help “fight poverty” in Africa.

We Say… Lies!

Clinton is the leader of the US capitalist class. This tiny layer of rich FAT CATS is the ENEMY of ordinary working and poor people. In Africa and every where else.

Clinton is responsible for ATTACKING the poor in the USA, Africa, and the Middle East

  • In the USA

The Clinton government has cut welfare, housing, pension and unemployment benefits. It has attacked workers’ unions. Today, 40% of children in New York City don’t get enough food to eat. 40 million Americans live below the poverty line. Wages have fallen to the levels of the 1950s!!!

  • In the Middle East

The Clinton government has maintained the USA embargo on Iraq- a blockade that has contributed to 1 million deaths due to lack of medicine and other supplies. The victims are workers and the poor! He wants WAR to defend imperialist oil interests. Clinton is an imperialist!

  • In Africa

The Clinton government is a member and a leader of the International Monetary Fund and World Bankfancy names for brutal institutions that collaborate with African elites to impose imperialism and attack the poor.

They want the so-called “free market”, where the bosses are free to exploit and crush the workers. They want privatization, low taxes on the bosses (high taxes on workers), “free trade”, they want less hospitals, lower wages, less jobs, no trade unions!

Clinton- you are not needed! You are not wanted!

Hands Off Africa! Hands Off Iraq! Hands Off America!

Phantsi Capitalism! Phambili Basabenzi!


Issued by:

Workers Solidarity Federation

As long as the rich have all the good things of this life, and millions of workers have nothing but hunger and misery, there will never be peace.

There will be a class war.

The struggle can only end when the working class seizes the land and factories through revolutionary trade union action with a revolutionary general strike. The revolution will take the rich down from their ruling place, and put the land, factories and mines under the direct democratic control of the workers unions.

Only the workers revolution can end capitalist exploitation and the legacy of apartheid oppression. Socialism will never come from government

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